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Eternal Black women Prisoners of the Color of the Skin


Despite Brazil be a Country graduate of the intermarriage of several races, the prejudice exists, mainly regarding black race. It is the more repugnant kind of prejudice than can exist, therefore you were you reviewed of disguises and pretenses, or be, is a prejudice watched, which the persons do not have boldness of assume and neither of say openly that are preconceituosas. The reality of the black race, that so much contributed for the cultural and ethnic formation of Brazil still is very hard and cruel, the chances of concorrencias and conquests and of conquests do not be equal and healthy rare the exceptions. If the black man suffers all the kind of racial discrimination, the black women are the more penalized, therefore while the white woman suffers discrimination barely by be of the female sex, had like fragile sex, and icapaz, the black woman suffers twice more, on account of the sex and also by the color of his skin and is part of a contigente of wives for the which the Well little they destined to following phrase: "It requires itself good appearance" (prohibited by law by to be considered discriminatory), no special right watches them and no statute or norm protects them. Despite of it be part of a contigente of women ignored by the society, the black woman, just like the white woman, also is endowed of capacity and has his value, barely are prevented from show, due to the fact of that until today still prisoners remain of the color of the skin.

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