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Beautifully dressed post-boxes


STAMP is a nation wide project that celebrates the city, city-life and you, the city-dweller. 40 city post-boxes have been selected for makeovers and await your magic touch! If you have an idea of a good post-box design, you might actually get to paint it onto a post-box and showcase your design to the rest of the country!
The inimitable and dazzling artworks of Mr Lee Kian Kong, a professional illustrator, and Joy Seet Hui Yin, a Primary 4 student at St Anthony?s Primary School and the youngest contestant, have won the hearts of Singaporeans and the judging panel of STAMP, Singapore?s first nation-wide postbox art competition. Emerging as Grand Prize Winners of the Open and Student categories respectively, they beat 38 others to walk away with a $5,000 cash prize each.
Kian Kong?s work, "Missing You", vividly tells a story of a couple, who in spite of their hectic traveling schedule, are still able to keep in touch and stay in love through letters. Chic characters and captivating images of famous landmarks around the world are part of his artwork featured on a postbox in the Market Street area. Joy, on the other hand, impressed everyone with "Niu Che Shui" - her vibrant painting of a bustling Chinatown scene, complete with delightful and rich details of shophouses and familiar personalities in the area such as an opera singer, a street hawker and a samsui woman. Her painting is showcased on a postbox at Hong Lim Complex.
Mr Torrance Goh
, President of FARM said, "Firstly, I must say I was very heartened by the great amount of hard work put in by everyone involved in STAMP, from the team behind it to our co-presenters and our gracious sponsors. It was a truly amazing team effort. And I?m glad we managed to pull it all off. And of course, not forgetting our participants and their toil and dedication, without whom, we would not have these 40 beautiful postboxes bringing that additional touch to our cityscape. I was personally very impressed by our top two winners which were highly deserving. Kian Kong?s postbox has intricate, witty details and a complex visual composition which is technically challenging as well as a wonderfully romantic background story to go with it. It really won our hearts and minds. Joy, our Student category winner, amazed me with her clarity of concept and execution and certainly very deft hands, considering she?s all only 10 years of age!"
Said Mr Larry Ng, Director, Architecture and Urban Design Excellence, URA, "We are very encouraged by the support we have received from the community in this effort to raise the appreciation for good design. The artists, with their passion and talent, really outdid themselves through their outstanding creations. We were especially impressed at how they were able to skillfully replicate their original submissions on the actual postboxes despite using different mediums and techniques. What also won the judges over was the artists? conscious efforts to creatively reveal facets of the distinctive Singaporean culture and lifestyle through their postbox designs. By highlighting what is personal and familiar to all of us, these masterpieces are great examples that good design need not always be an abstract concept, but can be found in everyday things that add colour to our city and enrich our daily experiences."
Mr Woo Keng Leong
, Executive VicePresident (Mail), SingPost commented, "We congratulate all the winners for their excellent art pieces which have been translated into truly outstanding and eye-catching artworks on our posting boxes. All the other participants also deserve to be applauded for their very impressive efforts. Thanks to them, each of these posting boxes is brought to life by colours and design elements that reflect well the ambience, culture and history of its vicinity which many of us can appreciate and relate to. We are glad to have contributed to enlivening Singapore?s cityscape and commend our partners, URA and FARM for thinking ?out of the posting box? to showcase our local talents using something so fundamental and right in our midst - the posting box!"

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