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The devil dresses Prada


.. If the intention of the book in which the film if based was to criticize Anna Wintour, director of American Vogue, in the film what it has is until a homage, therefore, to the end, Meryl-Miranda-Anna sample a superior, temperamental woman, but not me or the detestável one as it portraies it to the book. Already under the aspect of the relations in the work, we can analyze some important points: Clearly that, doubtlessly, we will be going beyond, therefore we believe that the film does not have the intention to make vindication to the relations in the work, except, perhaps, to show that dedicated people excessively to the work harm its affective relations. Any if formed in journalism. It is competent and its dream is to work in the periodical New Yorker. It is looking its first formed job after. Its resume finishes stopping in the Runway, reviewed greater of American fashion and it, whom nothing of fashion did not understand, if sees to the returns with a total different universe of the intended one (Valentinos, Pradas etc). ?to get worse everything? it goes to be 2ª. Assistant of poderosíssima ?Miranda Priesly. Clearly that, in the real world, this is almost that total improbable, but? There it is demonstrating to have one of the qualities most important in the modern world: To accept challenges: It sees in the job an only chance. However, it was not only enough to accept the challenge. It did not delay very, to perceive: in case that it were not adaptasse, rapidinho would lose the job. First, a visual adaptation: To be ?equal? to the set. To be part of the ?teams? and, later, to adapt or to change its speech. Many times, the environment of work not in the complete one, but we must leave it without the least to explore what it offers in them? We can open hand of our personal conquests in the scope of the human growth. To adapt itself as synonymous of loss of the identity they will make in them happy? Happiness x money = Until point the financial aspect must be taken in account? In the case of Any, it was not only the financial aspect, it perceived that it needed to also move. Not to be so rigid. To get passionate itself for same it. It discovered that to move physically it intellectually did not mean to be lesser. In this in case that, point for it. In contact with the head-megera it learns to adapt itself, to defy themselves, to improve. At as a moment, after all these perceptions, we see to the returns with an accomodated boyfriend and not stimulant to it. Everything for it was good, as well as life without challenges that it led. From the change of Any, mannering appearance and, the boyfriend finished ?bothered?. Meanwhile, it had to make a new choice. (the first one was to initiate a total distant work of the intended one). Of this time, it was not the choice of clothes or accessory, was to continue to the side of Miranda and to be 1ª. Assistant, substituting its fellow worker. At a first moment, accepted it. It goes to Paris in the place of this colleague and has a loving experience with a youngster whom, at the beginning of the film, and if it shows interesting and interested. However, after an only night together, proves to be a scoundrel. From it perceives there not to be plus a question of adaptation, but of change of its values. To be part of the ?teams? already was not alone an adaptation question, but, yes, of transformation. To changed itself into somebody that was not. To leave our values of side is a very high price to remain employed/loved? If we will be in a place and this place in offers to chance of positive growth and transformation to them, why not to continue there and to be blunt daily to improve? But, if we will be able to perceive that this place already in does not offer nothing to them beyond the money, will fit we to choose optimum way. Integrity, moral perception of the other, values are individualities that do not fit in them to judge. Each one has much to learn with the choices thatto make. In the case of Any, it Miranda leaves and the Runway and goes in direction of what it believes. It changed and provoked changes: it made with that the other, in the case the boyfriend, also moved, therefore to the end of the film it says it who accepted a job proposal challenging. We can then conclude that: Whenever we direct our lives, for the good or the evil, we also provoke transformations. Constructive transformations or not. In the case of Any and the boyfriend, yes, therefore it must have perceived that he was on this side of it and he felt themselves blunt. It has innumerable ?placed? metaphors that they can be found or in the film. As we said, but it is clearly that the proposal of the film is not this.

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