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People go through internal conflicts sometimes as they seek to give a more consistent model to their lifestyles. I believe, from experience and observation, that one reason was the difficulty of understanding or accepting what's our purpose. This dilemma began to be digested and reach a point where we have to make a choice of one particular direction.

People seem to live with this inner struggle, they want something but feel their lives have been "engineered" to another purpose. Possibly the standard of living I want to build: what I aspire to be and do including what I want to learn, the kind of emotions being involving my relationships, the material wealth I want achieve ... are guided by a strong tendency to have Personal Glory. I suppose there is a failure with regard how to achieve this accomplishment. Gloria, for many, is closely linked in being a wonderful man or woman before the other ones: Successful, powerful, capable, idolized!

However, individuals who are seen as credible examples have one thing in common: They make effort to serve! Obviously the expectation of becoming big motivate them enough but, consciously they seek to put it in the second plain. Although it's not easy, they strive consciously to work towards something important for others!

I don't believe to be easy going through the process of choice. It's not much a question of know the reason for which my life was designed of but, accepting that reason!

In any case (I expose here a personal opinion), would be beneficial to know the responsible source for the creation of our life and purpose. If, I think, there is a time of birth and death for me in this world and, this is inevitable, something higher is in control of the "two ends of my candle?. I'm talk about God? Yes, In a sense that we have a meeting with him, in prayer and specially in the reading of Gospel.

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